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Why tomato ?


 Importing the finest....


   NOVAGRIM will import 5 000 tons of tomatoes during the 2017 - 2018 season.


In 2006 over the 72 000 tons of fresh tomatoes marketed in the Paris- Rungis Wholesale Market (M.I.N. de Rungis) the import tomatoes represented 45 000 tons. Between September and December 2006 of about 21 000 tons of fresh tomatoes marketed in the Paris Rungis Wholesale Market (M.I.N)9 000 tons were French tomatoes whereas 12 000 tons were import tomatoes.

During this period (September to November 2006) the NOVAGRIM grower / importer company, by importing 3 000 tons of fresh tomatoes represented 25 per cent of the imported tomatoes in the Paris-Rungis Wholesale Market. Thus, NOVAGRIMconfirmed her rank as an important tomatoe importer.

During the same period of 2006, Spain, with her 33 per cent of market share became the biggest fresh tomatoe importer in Rungis. Morocco, with her 28 per cent market share became, thus, the second biggest tomatoe importer. While Turkey stood at the third rank , Poland became the fourth biggest fruit importer.



Since the tomatoe is the most consumed fruit, it’s also the most marketed product in the Paris-Rungis Wholesale Market by wholesalers and importers. Most of the tomatoe producers , specially France and Morocco started different segmentations with different varieties as the cluster tomatoes, pear tomatoes, green tomatoes and different kinds of cocktail and cherry tomatoes ( specially cherry tomatoes on the vine ) in order to maintain a certain added value compared with classical long-life hybrid tomatoe fruits. Nevertheless, the simple, classical round long-life tomatoe is still the most selling tomatoe in the market.

In 2007, 25 600 tons of French tomatoes have been marketed in the Paris-Rungis Wholesale Market while 48 000 tons of imported tomatoes were distributed. A total of 74 000 tons of tomatoe fruit transactions took place in 2007. Moroccan tomatoes ( 14 250 tons ) and Spanish tomatoes ( 12 480 tons ) shared the first two ranks in the market share . Only 107 tons of Canary Islands tomatoes were marketed in 2007. The total of imported tomatoes other than Spain and Morocco reached 21 000 tons ( Holland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Turkey ).


In 2008 a total amount of 71 000 metric tons of tomatoes ( 23 000 metric tons of French tomatoes, 12 000 metric tons of Moroccan tomatoes and 14 000 metric tons of Spanish tomatoes ) have been marketed at the Paris Rungis International Fruit Market. During the year 2008, tomatoes from other origins ( Holland, Belgium, Italy Poland, Portugal, ) represented a total amount of 22 000 metric tons .



In 2009 the market registered sales for 69 500 MT of tomatoes ( 19 800 MT of French tomatoes and 49 700 MT of import produce ). 11 590 MT of these sales were represented by Spanish tomatoes while the Moroccan tomatoes marketed by operators and importers were 10 040 MT and imports from Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Tunisia and Turkey represented 28 070 MT.



In 2010 the Paris Rungis Wholesale Market registered sales for a total of 63 594 MT of fresh tomatoes.



Turkish tomato production is predicted to continue increasing ( an increase of +70% in tomato exports has been reported during the last five years ) in 2008/2009 to about 10.5 million tons. In the first four months of 2008 Turkish tomato exports to Russia ( Turkey's biggest market in tomato exports) reached already 120 000 tons. Russia, actually, counts for 60% of Turkey's exports. In 2009 Turkey continued to export more tomatoes to Russia, Ukrania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Greece and to the other Middle Eastern countries. Russian importers became Turkey's biggest clients in tomatoes but also in other fruits.


Concerning the tomato paste exports, Turkey currently ranks fourth in the world production after China, USA, and Italy. Turkey has become one of the major exporters of tomato paste in the world. When the first tomato paste exports started in 1967 Turkey exported 3.5 tons of tomato paste whereas the exports reached nearly 160 000 tons in 2006. This amount decreased to about 100 000 tons because of the raise in tomato exports ( +70% in the last five years, mainly to Russia ) but the Turkish tomato paste is successfully shipped all over the world. The principal markets of this product are Iraq, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, Sudan, Oman, Germany and Kuwait. These markets represent about 80% of the Turkish tomato paste exports. The number of importer countries of Turkish tomato paste increase every year. This market trend justifies the quality of the Turkish tomato paste products. Use of sun matured delicous industrial type tomatoes, ultra modern progressing techniques and delivery in time and competitive prices, have all been the major factors in the growing demand for the Turkish tomato paste.


France produces 760 000 MT of tomatoes and is the fifth European producer. The “ Rhone” region produces about 60% of the total produce . The “ Bretagne” region is the second biggest producer representing 20% of the total produce. Italy is the biggest European Union tomato producer with a market share of 42% followed by Spain ( 25% ),Greece ( 12% ) ,Portugal ( 6%). France represents 5% of the European production but Turkey is the biggest producer of this fruit ( 10.5 million MT).



France exports 100 000 MT of the French produce , mostly to Germany ( 40%) , the Benelux countries ( 18% ) , the new EU countries ( 11%), Italy ( 8%) , UK ( 7%), Spain/Portugal ( 5%) and Russia ( 4% ).Most of the French importers market Spanish, Dutch, Belgian and Moroccan tomatoes but Turkish tomatoes are also appreciated.












To view the 2000-2011 tomato statistics please click the above link




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**NOVAGRIM will import 5 000 tons of tomatoes during the 2017 - 2018 season**



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